An RV State of Mind


“We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned,
so as to have the life that is waiting for us!”

~ Joseph Campbell

While some imagine that RV living would be “confining,” those who know—know it’s the exact opposite. The RV lifestyle expands your horizons, frees your spirit, opens your eyes.

Our retirement active living community is the perfect haven for RVers and their RVs! Lake Weir Preserve offers the ultimate enhancement to the RV lifestyle: homes with an RV garage. The best way to protect and care for this major investment, an RV garage affords you peace of mind and true convenience. Preparing for a trip can take a couple of weeks, and if your RV is in a storage facility (or your HOA – Homeowners Association — limits the time you can park your RV at your home), everything becomes more difficult and complicated. With your RV stored safely in your own garage, imagine the ease with which you can keep it maintained, pack it up as you get ready to head out, then pull back in and unpack at your leisure when you return home-sweet-home!

The website and several other sites tell the stories of people from all over the country and every walk of life who count their times on the road as the most fulfilling and enjoyable times of their lives.

What’s the appeal? Different strokes for different folks:

  • Experience nature
  • Pursue adventure
  • Re-connect with loved ones (or really connect for the first time)
  • Meet kind, interesting people
  • Find solace, peace and maybe even a little spirituality
  • Escape high stress jobs, concrete jungles and societal pressures
  • Teach children in a controlled, real life environment

If you’re an RVer, you’ll relate to these personal points of view…

“RVing allows you to experience America like never before—and on your own terms. Visit a national park, hike a forest trail, chalk up visits to 49 states, discover Alaska or Baja, fish your way across America. RVing is pure freedom as far as the road will take you.

“The simple pleasures…the outdoors, the fresh air, the warm sunshine, the freedom of the open road, the flexible schedule—provide a release from everyday life, put problems into perspective, and renew and refresh both mind and body.

“We enjoy travel as much as the destination. We are thankful to live in a free country where one can explore almost any road… we love to see how other people live, especially away from huge metropolitan areas. This country has vast reaches of beautiful farmland, spectacular mountains, forests, grasslands, lakes, rivers… we enjoy solitude, away from honking horns and roaring jets…we stay OFF the interstate system except to get through a crowded metropolis…flexibility is the key advantage for us – being able to decide on the spur of the moment to go north instead of west…

One RVer shares his “Six Rules for RV Happiness:”

  1. Any driving day must be limited to 250 miles or five hours.
  2. Regardless of rule one you must stop in time to set-up completely in daylight.
  3. You must set-up for at least 48 hours.
  4. Because of the size limitations of the 5th wheel they limit occupancy as follows: Drinks for six, dinner for four, sleeps two. The sleeper cab is the “condo” for overnight guests.
  5. The driver does not start the engine until the “navigoddess” knows where we are going and how we are going to get there.
  6. If in snow, you’re doing it wrong!
  7. RVing is a state of mind. If you enjoy an active retirement, become part of our Lake Weir Preserve community and let the good times roll!